Internet access is a human right – that nearly half the world is waiting for. 


This digital divide denies people jobs, education, healthcare and connections. And COVID-19 has made matters worse. 


As leaders face today’s biggest challenges, it’s unacceptable that the voices, needs and insights of billions of people have been left “on mute.”


On Friday, 9 April—the 91st anniversary of the first two-video call and inaugural Virtual Meeting Day—join us to spotlight the digital divide and act to #UnmuteTheWorld.

Speak Up on Social Media

Share why the digital divide matters to you and what it will take to #UnmuteTheWorld.




Governments & Multilateral Agencies


Recognize internet as a fundamental right. Invest in the necessary polices, programs and infrastructure—from online bandwidth to widespread digital literacy and adoption—to ensure that all people can access, afford, use and benefit from digital technologies, regardless of who they are, where they live or how much money they have.

Donors & Funders


Increase financial assistance to programs seeking to bridge the digital divide. Listen to what communities deem most important and support local champions. Ensuring equitable access to, and adoption of, internet is one of the smartest investments of the 21st century.

Tech companies


From concept to execution, design innovations, products and initiatives with accessibility and inclusivity in mind to maximize your positive impact. Invest in digital literacy and mentorship programs and support underrepresented communities.

Event organizers


Create virtual events that are accessible and inclusive. Offer multiple ways to participate to accommodate different bandwidths and devices, and eliminate any registration or subscription fees that could present barriers to entry. Promote your events on diverse channels to broaden your audience. Add closed captioning and interpretation wherever possible.




If you are reading this, you are fortunate enough to have an online voice. Use it to help #UnmuteTheWorld. Raise awareness of the digital divide and share solutions that would be most impactful where you live. Check out the toolkit here.


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